Papers, “Mendeleys”, “Research Gates” and “Scholars”!

Paper-writing is more or less a second nature for many of us in research. My personal paper count is not at all one that you could boast about, but it’s not bad either. I am credited with 24 papers according to Mendeley, 26 according to Research Gate and 34 based on Google Scholar! Of course within them… Read More Papers, “Mendeleys”, “Research Gates” and “Scholars”!

DMST Alumni

During my time in the Athens University of Economics & Business, and more specifically in the department of Management Science & Technology (DMST), with other colleagues, we started the alumni association of our department. Being the first to get accepted as students (department formed in 2000), we took upon us to start an association that… Read More DMST Alumni

Athens University of Economics & Business – DMST

In 2000, I finished high school (2nd General Lyceum of Tavros, Athens) with an average of 18.5 out of 20, which got me in the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) and more specifically, in the Department of Management Science & Technology (DMST) where I stayed for 4 years until I completed my studies with an average… Read More Athens University of Economics & Business – DMST