“Skouries” as in “Isengard” (The Tolkien Analogy)

First things first. For those of you that just moved to this planet, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is the author of the “Lord of the Rings” book trilogy (and some more), upon which the “Lord of the Rings” movie franchise was based. From 2001 till 2003 when all three movies were launched, they grossed to around 3… Read More “Skouries” as in “Isengard” (The Tolkien Analogy)

Homo Datum

The discussion around data science and the professions of the 21st century has been going on for quite some time. Thousands of professionals of various backgrounds have already “rushed” to characterize themselves as data scientists, data engineers, data analysts and so on… And those who already were, are now appreciating even more their jobs due to the… Read More Homo Datum