Book: Stroll along


I’ve been writing my whole life. I write for the joy of it and the therapy it provides. Writing without sharing is like singing in your shower, and believe me, I have done plenty of that (singing in the shower, not writing that is).

During a trip to Saudi Arabia, in November 2017, I had a lay over at Cairo for almost four hours. I found this little cafe in the airport where smoking was allowed and I ordered a beer. Halfway through the beer, not being able to connect to the internet, I decided to start writing. Both as a need but also to spend some time.

So I started writing about some guy that started to take a short walk, a stroll. Somehow like myself that a couple of months ago I had decided to quit my day job in Athens and start working on an exciting project in Saudi Arabia.

When I reached Riyadh, during my first weekend there, I wrote approximately 10.000 words in a sitting. The story of this guy just poured out of me and so, shortly after I decided to post weekly on, the chapters of this book.

It was an effort to get this thing out there but also to commit to writing it, as I am not the type that would break a promise, albeit an online one. These posts were approximately a half-an-hour read, which is pretty decent if you’re looking to spend some time reading some fiction, relaxing in the afternoon or through your busy day.

So, I invite you to follow me on this journey to completing this story about life choices, taking risks and challenging what you consider as granted. If you have any words of support, or judgment, please use this form to connect!

[UPDATE: 6/6/2018] 

Decided not to upload anything more here. If you wish to read the remaining book, all you have to do is ask me to send it to you through an e-mail at, free of any charge, of course!

[UPDATE: 30/1/2019] 

Well, in the end, I decided to revisit the book, proofread it once more and try my luck with publishing houses. So, removed the book from everywhere and will be trying to get it properly published.