A retrospective on this blog


I was thinking the other day if I should continue writing here or not. In a vanity trip, I opened the stats of my blog, which I casually do from time to time… I started writing back in 2013, when I managed to get 70 views and 25 visitors…

Not the ideal start, one would think, so I looked at the following years as well… That’s how the stats looked like… (in brackets, the unique visitors)

2013: 70 [25]
2014: 677 [341]
2015: 1.587 [982]
2016: 3.608 [2.708]
2017: 4.973 [3.958]

And then I decided that this is not too bad altogether… I mean, having 4.000 people per year, visiting at least one page of what you mumble about, seems like a good start! I am sure that I am not becoming a celebrity any time soon, but these numbers are high enough for my vanity and self-indulgence, so I decided to keep going for a while…

I also share some things on Medium, with some overlap with this blog, so you’re welcome to find me there as well…

So, a big “thank you” is in order, as I will be heading into 2018 with the hope to get across to even more of you!


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