Wrapping up the Anita story (Anita part IV)

Well, of course Anita would be back. And she will be coming back I think, no matter what. It’s not funny anymore. At least not with her. So, I think I will abandon my online adventure with her. Her latest message is pasted for your viewing pleasure below:

Hello my dear friend,

How are you doing today? i hope all is well with you over there? darling i want to let you know that all you said are well understood and i appreciate your pictures that you send to me, my dear, you never told me of any arrangement you are doing for me and you abandoned me for long time so i have no choice than to look for another person who can help me to complete the transfer and by the grace of God almighty, am happily married and please i want you to send email to the reverend father so that he can send you the cheque that i issued to you as compensation ok and you have to inform me as soon as you receive your cheque ok

his email is… revpaulsont@yahoo.com
Phone is… +221708471959

Finally, remember that i left an instruction to the secretary on your behalf to send the money to you, so feel free to get in touch with him without any delay.
Best regards,
Miss Anita

I think now that the best way to move forward with this, is not to move at all. I am pretty confident that no matter what I send, I will still get this kind of replies back. Maybe sometime in the future her current husband will die and then she will be looking to re-marry, etc.

We had our fun Anita, but it’s about time I let you go…

Say no more… You are as cold-hearted as a thousand woman have been, before you.

Please have the reverend contact me, if he dares, as I instructed you already. I am not in the mood of starting a conversation.

F off


And that’s how I wrapped this up, needless to say, no man of God got in touch with me. I can’t understand why, maybe I got them as tired as they got me…

Off to my next Anita, hopefully sooner rather than later!


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