Off to the Next Adventure!

In my life, both professional and not, I always welcome “change” as something good. Many times in the past, I have gone after “change” as a necessity, rather than something that happens on its own or randomly. I find “change” intoxicating, promising and filled with anxiety, which, for me, has been the only solid evidence that I am doing something worthwhile, through the years. Getting outside my comfort zone, to put this differently. 😉


Since 2005, I have worked for the Agricultural University of Athens from March 2005 to May 2007, for the Greek Research & Technology Network from June 2008 to December 2010, for Agroknow from January 2011 till September 2014 and for the Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” from October 2014 till September 2017… Not so many changes but then again, quite a few. Balanced, I would say!

After my adventure in CTI, it seems that time has come for a new one! For quite some time, I had started feeling “mobile”, “eager” or “gone” and as it happens in such cases, it didn’t take long for the universe to conspire so that I get my change… I am happy to complete a full circle with CTI, ending (for now) a relationship that started back in 2012 (as a consultant back then, before joining full-time), moving on to join the Eummena Foundation! In my time in CTI, I have been blessed with an amazing team of colleagues, great teamwork and day-to-day tasks that lied within the core of my expertise in metadata.


I have been allowed/blessed/chosen to work on a flagship project that supports K-12 education in Greece through infrastructure, services and content, doing what I love the most, working with content, metadata, repositories, etc. It has been a great adventure for me and a huge learning opportunity that included lessons that will last!

Now, I am joining Eummena, a small team of highly skilled professionals that will house my dreams, ambitions and plans for many (hopefully) years to come! I am beginning my journey with Eummena as a part of the team that will consult on a large K-12 education project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (!), really excited for this opportunity and eager to work once more on an international level with esteemed colleagues from all over the world!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for many posts to come, related to my adventure in KSA, and as always, metadata, repositories, and the likes! Relevant or not, I am concluding this short post, with a favourite quote from George Bernard Shaw.

progress change quote.png

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