Domain up for sale? Mmm…

For some time now, I have been blogging on a new blog of mine, called “dadful”. As it may be inferred by its name (I hope so), it’s about being a dad and also having a handful while being one. Hence, handful + dad, became dadful. Click here if you want to check it out!

At the time of the blog creation, the .com domain was not available, so I opted for the .info one. And then I started writing some short posts, sharing some dad wisdom (and/or nonsense) with the world. Since July, I’ve had almost 600 page views, so I wouldn’t call the blog a success, but it’s something I really enjoy doing, so it’s fine!

The other day, a Ms Audrey Allan contacted me, making an interesting enquiry…


Unlike the “Anita case“, English checked out fine. The message was also really short, to the point and professional. So, I decided to reply in a less formal, more personal manner. In my answer, I just acted like I am not aware of all these people that go and buy domains, trying to re-sell them and make some profit. Or these people that just say that they own a domain just to rip you off.


Similarly to Anita, Audrey skipped my heartfelt comments and continued with her plan. Does anyone really listen (or read) online these days? I feel like talking to myself most of the times.


So, I decided to go full-professional on her as well. I wrote up my answer and hit send.


Then, I got no reply for 12-14 hours or so. So, seeing that this is a weathered professional scammer that wastes no time with a…holes like myself, I just decided to send a last e-mail, for my own pleasure and see if  I could possible press a button or two in this way…


So, I am leaving you with the story so far, waiting for an answer to my last offer. Will be updating the post if something interesting happens!

Enjoy your day!


One thought on “Domain up for sale? Mmm…

  1. I had a similar experience when I found myself trying to register a specific domain for a product that my (previous) company had developed: We realized that the domain we needed was in the hands of an Ukrainian guy who had nothing to do with that, apart from (apparently) buying large quantities of domains at low price, hoping to sell them at a premium.

    Indeed, after some heavy bargain, we managed to drop the initial asking price of €1000 to something about €300 (if I recall well after so much time). The process took place through the secure environment of Escrow ( and everyone was happy in the end…

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