Chronicles of a scam mail (Anita part II)

It was just a few days ago when Anita showed up claiming my everlasting love and personal information through a series of targeted scam mails I received. A “brief” recount of the story so far, can be found in my previous blog post. Despite the use of some ridiculous names and facts from my side in my last e-mail, like the “YMCA area”, etc., she did come back with an answer which can be found below…




Seems like my Anita is kindly taking a step back from all the love innuendos and promises she made. She opens up the e-mail with “my friend”. Then she points out that she fasted for seven days (I honestly read “farted” the first time) and that she is really eager to go back to school and finish her education.

As it seems, the discussion is less and less about love and more and more about getting their hands on my personal details. The discussion now revolves around the possibility of accepting Anita as my blood sister or daughter! It seems that a lover’s love turned into a friendly or brotherly-like love in the end. Which is actually how most of my adult relationships used to end anyway, so no suprises there I guess… 😉

As I promised, I will keep up with my correspondence, using some LOTR and Harry Potter references in this one to see if they will insist on sending mails my way. I will also include some dummy information to see what will happen with the adoption thing… Here’s my answer sent to on 01/09/2016.





We are now at 3 received messages from Anita and 3 replies from myself which is a new record for such conversations! I think that this one will be the last time I hear from Anita. If not, I can’t wait to see what she will be sending next.

UPDATE: Couldn’t have been more wrong about this. Anita came back again asking for more! Subject of the e-mail: MY DEAR FRIEND I WANT YOU TO CONTACT THE BANK FOR THE TRANSFER‏‏‏‏.‏‏



It’s true that it’s really difficult to deposit such trust to some body, not any body… Bodies are in general to treacherous in my own experience. In any case, I decided on an answer filled with as many nonsense as possible to see this through. If I get an answer, then you should stay tuned for the third blog post…




Attachment 1 (camp-location.png)
Attachment 2 (chuck.png)

That’s all for now. Let’s see what Anita will think about for her search-and-rescue mission…


UPDATE: Unfortunately, the reply was not even half as good as I would have wanted. I am really disappointed in Anita. I really believed she could do better than that. So, I am leaving you with her (or his, don’t know) last words, and that’s it. I am not even going to reply to this one…



6 thoughts on “Chronicles of a scam mail (Anita part II)

  1. Thanks. Now I got contacted by Anita Malus who saw my address on github (it’s public on purpose) 🙂 So, thanks to you I’m (much more) confident it isn’t genuine.

      1. Seems that they got their hands on some data from there as well! Come to think of it, I am also on github. Maybe that’s how she found me too!

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