Love and other maladies (Anita part I)

Well, in the age of internet, scamming people for money or for personal information like credit card details is really common. Nevertheless, there comes a time when you decide that you just won’t delete the next e-mail that comes your way. You decide to answer it and take the game to the next level…

It was a fine afternoon on August 30th, 2016, when Anita found me. I won’t rob her of her own words, so I will leave a screenshot here for you to enjoy.


After briefly considering to close my LinkedIn account, I really thought this message through. As you can see, if “Hi” (or any other word ending in “i”), is followed by “I am”, the “I” is omitted and one “i” is enough for both words. Hence, “Hi Am Anita” instead of “Hi, I am Anita”. Then I thought that she may as well know a thing or two about me, since she knows what my “usual” time is. And then, I was captivated by the mystery behind those “personal reasons”! So, filled with hope and anticipation, I deployed a similar version of english and wrote my answer…


Usually, after something like that, if the scammer has even the lowest IQ possible, they stop sending. No. Anita is determined! Here’s what she answered!  (mail subject: “With Love and Trust.”)

Anita3This letter came with some pictures that I am posting below…

I googled the story for the assassinated father and it checked out (nicely done, was not expecting that)! This Reverend is not a really popular member of the church so I was not able to retrieve any information on them. Needless to say that I was really comforted by the statement “i guess your the type of man i am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with am not going to give my love to any other man, you will satisfy me, so needless of looking for another person“.

Although, giving just 15% of all this money to the love of your life is a little less than someone would expect, I was not discouraged about her love for me. She actually let me manage the remaining money in businesses of my choice, so I guess I can make something work. And to get my hands on that money, poor Anita only needed my personal information. So, I decided to go ahead and give some information to see what would happen next. My reply was brief but to the point… (mail subject: “Love and marriage“)


If despite all the obvious jokes I do get an answer, this will be the longest conversation I’ve ever had with a spammer. In the next answer I will try some Harry Potter and LOTR references to see how it goes…

PS: Seems like adding this lady some days ago in LinkedIn, was not the best decision I ever made. I mistaken her title as relevant and added her to my network. Shouldn’t have done this. Beware of whom you add… If you can take the time to report her account, it would be helpful to lots of people…


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