3 thoughts on “Metadata Quality Metrics: Define

  1. Dear Mr. Palavitsinis,

    thank you very much for this nice article. I have read some of your works, and those were inspirating to myself as well. My main purpose was not to introduce new metrics, but implementing the existing ones (1) on big scale, so you can run it on different metadata collections (2) with Open Source software, that anybody can reuse it (3) in a metadata schema independent way. Maybe it is worth to check the Europeana’s Data Quality Committee as well (http://pro.europeana.eu/page/data-quality-committee), which is a collaborative effort on the topic in Europeana’s context. The Committee is open, and voluntarily based (however most of the members are working in some Europeana-related project). One more comment: could you change the link of the demo site to this one: – it is the current up-to-date version.

    All the best!
    Péter Király

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I changed the link already to the up-to-date one. Of course, your purpose is not to introduce new metrics, but I was merely pointing out that the established metrics are still more or less the same ones, which also helps connect previous research efforts with yours, possibly looking at how the metrics were used back then and re-examining them in large (very large) datasets, using your approach. I am certain that either small-scale or big-scale, the approach will definitely be useful and valuable. I have already inquired with the Data Quality Committee some days ago, when I came across one of their reports which was also an interesting read altogether! Please feel free to use the comment section to add any other thoughts or updates related to this project!

    All the best

    Nikos P.

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