Some months ago, I was invited to participate as a volunteer trainer in a series of course on Open Educational Resources (OER) by the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (GFOSS). The courses were part of a joint effort by the municipality of Athens, the hub for innovation and entrepreneurship and GFOSS to open up schools to society, by organizing a series of workshops on topics like Wikipedia, OER, Open Street Maps and 3D Printing.

Missing some fellow trainers, but I hope that we represented them adequately!

I already documented my experiences from the courses on a series of blog posts as well as the OER game that I designed for a part of the course. On Monday, 25/4, a small ceremony was organized for all the trainees and trainers of the course, to receive their certifications in Gazi, in the hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. In the beginning of the event, after the warm welcome from Kostas Papadimas, Mrs. Iliopoulou, the vice-mayor, responsible for children, life-long learning and education, addressed the participants, explaining how happy she was to see her idea come true and how initiatives like this, must be a part of schools and their communities.

Mr. Karounos, the vice-president of the GFOSS took the floor, offering his insights on the success of this endeavor, pointing out the necessity for similar events as well as the challenges that GFOSS had to face to make this happen. After that, we as trainers were called to talk about our experience from the courses, and last but not least, the floor was given to anyone that participated as a trainee or in the organization of the courses, to share their feelings and takeaways from this experience. The overall feeling was that these courses were a tremendous success and that from the next school year, we will go back to the schools and open them again to everyone that is interested in openness and all the related courses we offered. Kostas Champidis that acted as a liaison between the municipality of Athens and GFOSS, made a closing statement thanking all the parties involved and the ceremony ended.

This certificate will certainly be framed!

My personal “thanks” goes out to all the people from the GFOSS that invited me and put up with my idiosyncrasy and especially to Vivi Petsioti and Kostas Papadimas without whom, this event and all the courses before it, would have never been possible.

Thanks guys! 😉



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