Mails Scams (vol. II)

I have received my fair share of scams through e-mail. Up until recently I have chosen to just ignore them. Then I saw this video, and started to screen some of those that made it through my spam filter, selecting the ones that I would reply to.

So, after inheriting 15.3 Million and replying accordingly, came the second incident, when the other day I received the following e-mail:


Of course with an attachment with an unknown form of a document that I did not even bother to try and open. So, for my personal pleasure, I compiled the answer which you can find below. I am not expecting an answer based on what I wrote to them, but if they send one, it will be fun! 😉 Hopefully more e-mails like this will come, and if I find myself in a good mood, I will share some replies from time to time.


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