Fill out your survey? Are you sure?

There are a thousand reasons why someone would send a survey your way. I’ve had colleagues from college sending me stuff to help them with some quantitative research, friends that were working on some secret project, colleagues that are collecting data for their own satisfaction, etc.

And then, you get guys that are like “well, I need to make something, I don’t know exactly what, but heck, I’ ll just prepare a simple form and will then spam every living soul on this planet, till I get something out of it!“. One of these guys surfaced on a group about entrepreneurship that I joined the other day. And his message to the community of Greek entrepreneurs was the following:


The proficiency in English is apparent and absent. I laughed really hard with “thank you in advanced”. With a “D”, yes indeed! Wanting to be a good sport, I opened the survey to help out the fellow spammer. And of course, when I opened it I saw that it was the most generic type of survey that ever existed. It’s like, please fill out this form and let me know your first name and a random fact about your life. Something like that.

And then, I felt that such a special and unique survey, should not be wasted or forgotten. So, I completed it. 10 times. Or more… I can’t remember. And I tried to share all the problems I could think of. I actually also shared some other, more widely known problems along the way. And then some more. And since I can’t wait for the actual results to be posted “to Facebook to“, I will go ahead and reveal some of my answers. Please notice the name just bellow the question and then the answer, cause sometimes they are related.






Of course I did not submit all of these, I did submit half of them though and some others I won’t share. I think someone will think it twice before submitting some random survey like that. I mean, put in some work, some thought at least, and then maybe, just maybe you won’t get trolled in return! 😉



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