Scientix Projects’ Networking Event

The other day I found myself in European Schoolnet for a networking event for the Scientix Project, and to be honest it was a really interesting and eye-opening experience! A large number of EU-funded projects met on Friday, February 26th, through their project managers and other representatives to connect, talk and brainstorm about STEM education.

The day started off with a presentation from Agueda Gras-Velazquez, the Scientix Project Manager and the Science Programme Manager at European Schoolnet that welcomed us to the event. Following that, the Scientix ambasssadors projects’ support initiative was presented and then the floor was given to Manel Laporta Grau that talked to us about the Researchers night and the researchers to school initiatives.

2016-02-25 11.11.24
Completely irrelevant photo, just found it at the Brussels airport and I was both impressed and freaked out at the same time! (no real humans were hurt in the making of this add)

Next, we split into two groups and we watched presentations from really interesting projects around Europe while also presenting our own crown jewel, Digital School. The comprehensive list of the projects presented along with their presentations can be found here. All of the projects were really interesting and most of all, really impactful on their regions, countries or even continents!

For the next part, a small workshop was held were we discussed about ways in which specific topics could be integrated into the school curriculum, topics like nanotechnology, climate change, etc. In the end of the event, we followed a guided tour in the future classroom lab which was life-changing! We got to see all the latest tools, gadgets and gismos used within the classroom of the 21st century! I really loved the legos that could be programmed using the commands in the following photo, introducing children to the basics of programming… Can’t wait till my next visit there, with some additional time to play around, hopefully!

2016-02-26 15.31.25

The hospitality from the team from European Schoolnet was immaculate and everything was awesome! From the travel arrangements and the timely notification about everything to the excellent workshop structure and time-keeping, even the nice gifts we got from the event, the nice power bank and the special Scientix notepad that is already half-filled with notes and ideas from the presentations! Thanks guys! 😉


2 thoughts on “Scientix Projects’ Networking Event

  1. Sounds like a great experience. I still remember Scientix from the Organic.Edunet project era (I was the one creating the Organic.Edunet entry in Scientix!) and the opportunities that we explored for making the connections and ensuring that content available through Scientix would find its way to Organic.Edunet. Since then I got involved in other stuff and I stop keeping track of Scientix so I was really glad to see that it is still alive and kicking!

    Keep up the great work with Photodentro / Digital School and keep blogging!

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