2012: Open Discovery Space Creativity Session


It’s one of these times that I go a bit back to re-visit old events that have stuck with me..! It was back in March 2012 when we kicked-off the ODS project! An amazing, mega-project in which I had a limited role, mainly cause of my PhD writing period. Enormous communities of learners and educators, tremendous impact and lots and lots of interesting things going on! To be honest, I am still really sad that I didn’t get the chance to be more involved at the time…

I was lucky enough though to work with the people from ISKME, assisting them to organize their well-know Action Collab, or as it was termed for the occasion, a Creativity Session for the entire project! Me and Nikos Manouselis as the co-facilitators (“co-” stands for “helped as much as we possibly could”), worked with Megan (Simmons) and Samantha (Meazell-Wayne) who have been amazing teachers in this approach but most of all, true friends through the years. We prepared three challenges on which the participants would focus, we pre-selected the groups of people based on matching their expertise and role in the project to the specific challenge and in general paved the way with lots of ideas and “artistic” supplies!

As far as I can remember, it involved lots of brainstorming in the Grammou offices of AgroKnow, as well as many out-of-the-box-thinking solutions to deal with last minute problems. The event was hosted in the EA premises in Pallini and it was a huge success. The outcomes were breathtaking and despite the long hours of working, all the participants were more than happy with the final result! My favourite part was when we finished with all the details and we used to rehearse the entire thing like it was a theatrical play (which in part it was), going through our scripts!

The other day, I discovered a (not so) short video that I prepared with the material from the event. A video that involves a short recap of the first hours and then in the end, all the participants’ presentations together. I think it’s worth your time to take a quick look and raise these views on Youtube!


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