Workshop on #OER with #GFOSS (part V)

On Monday 11/1, we kicked off the first of the two workshops we hosted in Ambelokipoi, Athens, as part of the #GFOSS workshops on Open Educational Resources in the context of the initiative “Schools Open to Society” from the municipality of Athens.

As usual, to begin with, Athina Skandalou started with a short presentation that clarified the concepts of a digital resource, a learning resource and a open educational resource. To continue, Athina build upon these concepts to explain the rationale of a teacher that prepares a lesson for his/her students, following specific pedagogical approaches, deploying specific pedagogical methods to implement them and finally using the appropriate tools to channel these approached into open, reusable, educational resources.

That’s the short announcement on the door of the building!

Although we got plenty registrations, something like thirty or more, we did not have such a big crowd but it was definitely a committed one! I introduced myself and explained from minute 1, that I am NOT an educator and should not be treated as such! I elaborated on my experience with Learning Object Repositories and their respective communities and made perfectly clear that I am a “Metadata Man” and nothing more, or nothing less. Having said that, I did venture a bit within the boundaries of Open Educational Resources and CC licences, trying to explain where everything fits and to set a clear landscape of the e-learning ecosystem, trying to better position our workshop as well.

After some discussion, we went into the repositories and took a closer look at some of the prominent Greek Open Educational Resources’ Repositories when the participants had the opportunity to take a closer look at them, although not too extended, as the practical part of the workshop will follow next Monday on 18/11!

Overall, it was another pleasant experience that was complemented by the quite amazing state of the school lab which was not expected after our previous experiences. We even had an amazing view! Wanna see it?

How’s that for a view from a school?



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