Workshop on #OER with #GFOSS (part III)

On Monday 14/12, we kicked off the first of the two workshops we hosted in Kypseli, Athens, as part of the #GFOSS workshops on Open Educational Resources in the context of the initiative “Schools Open to Society” from the municipality of Athens.

As usual, to begin with, Athina Skandalou started with a short presentation that clarified the concepts of a digital resource, a learning resource and a open educational resource. Based on this, Athina build upon these concepts to explain the rationale of a teacher that prepares a lesson for his/her students, following specific pedagogical approaches, deploying specific pedagogical methods to implement them and finally using the appropriate tools to channel these approached into open, reusable, educational resources.


Finishing with the theoretical part of the workshop, we discussed on cases of open repositories for education, showcasing some “local” cases as well as well-known repositories from other countries that are being used by massive communities of users worldwide.

After “playing” and experimenting a bit with the search filters (facets) and the material that we found in each repository, we discussed on the easiness of finding material online and started to discuss a little bit, about the quality of the content available.

Overall, it was a really nice experience with interesting participants that had various backgrounds and for sure, lots of valuable input to contribute to the group. The only thing that made me a bit sad, was the state of the informatics lab, with lots of PCs that were not functioning properly, despite the efforts of the person responsible. Overall, the school, was in a state of disrepair, a very old building, forgotten by time, that is far from the ideal learning space, despite the valiant efforts of the staff.

It’s sad for us to talk about online learning and virtual environments for learning, when the non-virtual are in such a state. Seems like we are looking to buy caviar, not having bread to eat in the first place…

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