Workshop on #OER with #GFOSS (part II)

Yesterday we continued to the second part of our workshop on OER, organized and facilitated by GFOSS and the Municipality of Athens, through the project of “School Open to Society“.

Starting the workshop, we discussed about how quality is expressed in e-learning but also in general in the online world. As a starting point for the discussion, we used this presentation of mine to discuss about seals, stamps, badges, etc. focusing a bit on the concept behind Mozilla Open Badges.

αρχείο λήψης

Through Mozilla Open Badges as a mark of competence, we started thinking about how learning objects can be reviewed and passed through quality assurance process and we discussed a bit about the Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI). We reviewed its basic dimensions and explored it as a rubric that it is, discussing on possible uses in education but also elsewhere.

After this part, the participants had the opportunity to go online and search for OERs, thinking of how they could actually use them to talk about a topic/subject of their choosing. The most interesting part of this search was how much more they considered copyrights than before, when selecting learning objects. Halfway through the exercise, we talked about how someone could actually post his/her own material online, and therefore create OERs that can be shared and used by others.


On this topic, the question about WordPress came up, so we switched gears and discussed a bit about Content Management Systems and showed a demo of an existing blog based on WordPress. Till the end of the workshop, we discussed about how a CMS can be used to promote content online, in conjunction with social media and related platforms. Specific emphasis was given on how Facebook promotes posts and we also had the opportunity to hear from a participant’s experience that owns a really successful blog on French, with visitor from all around the world, visiting to get free resources for French teaching.

Some of the tools we discussed about were the following:


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