Workshop on #OER with #GFOSS (part I)

Yesterday, we kicked off our series of workshops on Open Educational Resources and Open Repositories with the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (GFOSS)!

We started off in a school in Pagrati, welcoming our participants the expressed their interest in knowing more about the use of OER in education and also about repositories that host content with open licences in various thematic areas.

Among others, it was the pilot run for my OER Game! Overall, it was a really nice experience with lots of provocative discussions and intense feedback from the participants, making for a really interactive workshop!


During the workshop, we had the opportunity to discuss the basics of OER, guided by a presentation by Athina Skandalou, which provided everything a participant needed to know to start working with OER. Following the presentation, we utilized the OER Game to look at various repositories with open content, experimenting with search mechanisms, facets, etc.

An indicative list of the repositories we looked at, included:

In our second part of the first workshop in Pagrati, we will look into more repositories of content for different topics/areas, while the participants will try to discover learning resources that will then be remixed to create their own OERs.

Looking forward to it!


(update: Part II – 8/12/2015)


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