5 Infographic Creation Tools

You know these nice graphics, containing useful information about specific topics? These ones that you usually don’t understand but look really awesome, no matter if they talk about fashion statements or the environmental impact of nuclear emissions in the north hemisphere or sth! These are called infographics and are the most efficient way, in my point of view, to present information that captivate and engage your audience! Well, sometimes things can get out of hand (see below), but in most of the cases, they are really useful!

Taken from: http://joedonatelli.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/usa_today_infographic.jpg

The other day I was looking to create a simple infographic about the analytics of a repository (visits, visit sources, etc.) and looked for some online tools that could help me. I found five of them and examined them a bit before choosing the one to use, so I decided to share the experience!

  1. Piktochart – Amazing. You can alter almost everything, supporting Greek for the major fonts. I created my first infographic with this one and it did not take that much time. Possibility to upload pictures as well and overall, really intuitive GUI. Downside, the limited templates that it offers as well as the not so nice graphics available to add on the infographics.
  2. Canva – Really really easy to use to draw some simple infographics. Not the amount of parameters I would hope to find. I was not able to edit graphs or change the percentages on the ready-made pies it has.
  3. Venngage – This one is like Piktochart, but filled with really nice templates. It seems nicer as an interface as well, but the main advantage is that you have lots of nice templates to choose from. The downside is that all the nice templates are premium, but I guess this is expected. Editing part of the infographic is not as easy as in Piktochart and also the libraries of available signs and other graphics were too elaborate to work with.
  4. Easelly – I loved the fact that in this one you could search with keywords through the ready-made templates. It was also possible to search in various categories of infographics, which made the process even easier. Again, access to nice templates is paid and I think that as Venngage, this one is also difficult to edit as far as premade templates are concerned.
  5. Infogr.am – Easy to use, mainly to get some parts for an infographic. You have to pay to download what you make, so it is easier if you design something and then grab it from your screen and save is as a picture. Easy to create graphs, so I would use it just to get one infographic, nothing really complex, and be done with it.

Having seen all of the above, I decided to go with Piktochart and maybe, just maybe, use Infogr.am to create some smaller infographics in specific cases. This was not a comprehensive comparison or whatever, but I hoped it helped a bit if you’re out there looking for software to create infographics!


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