Inherited 15.3Million USD!

Some minutes ago, I inherited something like 15.3 Million USD. They were from a far long lost relative that was a mexican jew, which makes perfect sense since I am a 90% Greek and like 10% Italian, with a light complexion and green eyes, etc. Don’t mexicans look like that?

Usually I go ahead and delete these spam e-mails, but this time I decided to reply… Just to give to Jim some happiness until he reaches line 3 or so of my message. 😉

Here’s how it went down!


It’s these moments in life where you just go ahead and send a message like that. I can’t explain why, but I do hope that Jim, set aside him being a con artist, will have a laugh or even better, be a bit offended by my last sentence! I’ll be sure to post any updates/answers from Mr. Jim, as soon as I get one (which I highly doubt!).

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