Travel: Prague, Czech Republic

For my second post of that kind, I would like to share some secrets of Prague! I travelled there recently for some off-time, and it was amazing! As in each trip, I decided to share some tips, to make your stay in Prague, worth your time!


View of Prague – Rights Reserved Photo

Without any further delay, here’s my (as usual), top-11 list! Better than any top-10 list that you can find out there, at least by 1! 😉

  1. Prague Castle: Nothing special to say there, apart from making sure that you don’t miss the Golden Lane!
  2. Petrin Hill: Walk around and don’t miss the Petrin TowerPetrin Tower (don’t pay the elevator fee – not worth it) – It can be at least a four hour walk and it’s worth it! Look for squirrels on the trees!
  3. Český Krumlov:  Words cannot describe how beautiful this place is! A small medieval town with an amazing river running through it and the second biggest castle in Czech Rep. overlooking it! A 144km drive, 300km back and forth, which needs a full day, if not also a night there, returning the next morning!
  4. Street food: Oh MY GOD! I am not sure about the names, but you can just buy anything that they sell on these small cantines outdoors, and it will be delicious! Either this sweet roll that can and should be filled with nutella, or the curly potato fried on the stick! My favourite was the potato-cabbage-bacon thing (like puree, not appealing to the eye, but tasteful as hell!), served in a plastic dish, along with some nice pork and two slices of bread! Heaven! Oh, and a beer!
  5. Hemingway Cocktail Bar: Just the best cocktail bar I have ever been to! They know their stuff and on top of the great variety of rums, they have a very polite attitude but also a strict one, that allows them to keep this place really cozy and unique, avoiding the herds of stupid bar-crawlers that ruin everything!
  6. Prague Zoo: We spent six hours there, from 10 till 4 in the afternoon, when the Zoo was closing! Immense, with lots of animals and amazing spots to sit down and get something to drink! If you can, cause you’ll probably be running around from the excitement the entire time!
  7. Atmosphere: Well, this is a students’ place, but it’s worth a visit! Get to the room in the back, sit on the bar and order some food in amazing prices and of course lots of beer! (try the potatoes with chicken and bacon and cheese, and this amazing pork with the Jack Daniels sauce that are to die for!) AND U Medvídků: An amazing place that is a restaurant, a hotel and a bar, with their own beer of course! These guys make the strongest beer in the world! If you’re not a smoker, you can get a table inside a huge beer container that is hosted in the bar of U Medviku! Really local flavor there, so get ready for some heavy drinking and amazing food!
  8. Black Light Theater: Just find any venue and go watch a performance! We booked in the one near Charle’s Bridge, and the spectacle was well worth the time and approx. 30 euro ticket! We saw an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland which was breathtaking and moving!
  9. U Provaznice: The story of this place is amazing as you can read in the article from Spotted by Locals in the previous link! A small place but rarely crowded, with amazing plates, nice prices and Pilsner Urquell, the local pride!
  10. Old Town Bridge Tower: And of course the Charles Bridge! Breathtaking view of up there, nice location for photos and also for taking a glimpse at what lies ahead, meaning the Prague Castle!
  11. Klub Architectu: If you want to treat yourself to something a bit more expensive but memorable, find this restaurant and make a booking in advance! Tables for smokers are available here as well! Everything was great, especially the chocolate fondue…! 😉

Well, this is my top-11 for Prague! Lot’s of other great things to do as well, as I felt that 5 days were really not enough! Most of the venues suggested in our case, came from this amazing team of locals that spend a great deal of their personal time to recommend places and activities for all of us! Take a look prior to your trip, and if you want to “carry” them with you, just purchase the application and you’re set to go! It’s the only kind of guide that you need in Prague (as well as my article of course!).


One thought on “Travel: Prague, Czech Republic

  1. Thank you Spotters! Praha is one of the amazing cities I have ever been to.
    My addition: Just walk around, take the metro or the tram and you will have an amazing time in Prague!

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