Startups: Lean 101 – A short and flexible course, on the house!

More than 1.5 year ago, I was lucky to be allowed to “experiment” a bit on my colleagues, preparing a course that was based on the theories from Steve Blank, Eric Ries and Ash Maurya, having to do with the lean and lean-like approaches in developing a product or even better, developing your customers. I am still so thankful for this opportunity I got from my supervisor in Agro-Know, as the learnings from this, keep coming back to me after all this time.

Image taken from:
Image taken from:

There’s a series of blog posts from this amazing experience that go into greater depths (12345), but I decided to use this blog post as an overview, to share some material that was developed by me in the course of this experience. Some more generic material that can be adopted and adapted (with credits I hope) from anyone that seeks to find a comprehensive yet short guide on how to start with the lean approach.

Please find below the six presentations that were prepared, each one for different parts of the lean approach, mainly as this was described by Ash Maurya in “Running Lean“:

  1. Introduction to Lean
  2. Bootstrap & Get Out of the Building
  3. Learn, Adapt & Pivot
  4. Costs & Revenues: Breaking even or Breaking bad?
  5. Channels & Metrics
  6. Solution & Unique Value Proposition

The presentations should be followed in the proposed sequence but they can also be used separately according to your needs. I hope this material helps someone, as I know it will do more good than it did kept hidden in my files! Any suggestions on the material or any other material of your own, is more than welcome on the comments’ section! Be well! Till next time! 😉


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