Travel: Lesvos Island, Greece

Recently I decided to start documenting my trips, either for business or for pleasure. I really think that some small experiences here and there could come in handy for someone that has decided to visit one of the places I have visited in the past.

You see, being an author in Spotted by Locals I firmly believe in sharing your views and experiences from trips and places so that you can help others. So, topic of my first post is Lesvos! I promise that I will try to keep it short and create a rough guide that will neither force too much on you nor will it be too generic. Just some tips on top 11 things that you have to do and/or see, while on the island.

Why top-11? Cause it used to be my jersey number in basketball and cause it’s a bit better than a top-10!

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We visited Lesvos (that’s the name of the entire island, while Mytilene is the name of the capital of the island) this summer and spent a bit more than a week there. Despite the ackward situation with the immigrants, we had a really good time and we were more than sad to leave. As promised, I will give you a bulleted list of the things that MUST be done while on the island, from my point of view. The list is not ordered in any way.

  1. Visit the museum of the Petrified forest in Sigri
  2. Get a coffee or preferably a cocktail at Parasol Beach Bar in Eressos
  3. Walk the narrow streets of Molyvos and then have some cocktails in Congas Beach Bar
  4. Swim in the Vatera beach – if you like the organized beach bars, head to the far left of the beach
  5. Swim in the Tarti beach
  6. Eat at Antonis’ restaurant overlooking Mytilene and the Aegean sea [trip advisor link]
  7. Have a coffee and taste the cheesecake in a glass at Blue Fox Cafe in Molyvos
  8. Walk the narrow streets of Petra and climb on the church of “Mother Mary of the rock”
  9. Visit the Eftalou beach and walk the path, past the baths to find the hidden beaches and tavern
  10. Visit both Mytilene Castle and Molyvos Castle
  11. Visit the Catacombs in the Skopelos village below the church of Saint Magdalene

That’s all! Could go on to suggest probably another 10 things to do, but the top-11 has to be respected, so that’s as far as I go!

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