Takeaways from the LINQ 2015 Conference

My photo from LINQ
My photo from LINQ

Having attended quite some conferences so far, I constantly find myself having no time to document the outcomes that I really want to keep for future reference. So from that point on, I decided to open a new blog post for every conference I attend, keeping my highlights from the conference. Nothing too lengthy but some links and quick impressions of my own… Let’s start then with LINQ 2015!!!

Highlight list

  1. The 7 Cs of Learning Design
  2. The 7 Cs Design Toolkit
  3. A new classification of MOOCs

All of the above coming from the keynote of Prof. Grainne Conole which was stimulating and impressive as always. I really liked the approach of the 7 Cs of Learning Design and I think I will be checking out the second like posted, to see how this can be applied and connected to the metadata issues I am always looking out for!

In addition to that, I was also really intrigued by the classification of MOOCs proposed by Prof. Conole. I felt that the distinction proposed would impact the way we search for MOOCs a great deal and bring new requirements related to their description with metadata. Overall, it is really nice for me to have the opportunity to be present in such gatherings of people of education that allow me to take glimpses into the everyday practices of the audience I am trying to serve through my study and application of metadata in education.


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