A “short” text CV for any purpose… [always fresh]

I was thinking the other day how short CVs are always useful here and there. Conferences, proposals, etc. To this direction, I decided to take my old CV hosted in the Agro-Know blog and put it here, enrich it and keep it up to date. After all, it’s bound to be deleted from the AK blog eventually, so it needs a new digital home!



Nikos Palavitsinis received a BSc in Management Information Systems (2004) from the department of Management Science & Technology, from the Athens University of Economics & Business. He holds a MSc in Geographical Information Systems (2007) from the Agricultural University of Athens and a PhD on Metadata Quality Issues in Learning Repositories (2014) from the Computer Science department of the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid, Spain.


Nikos’ main field of research includes metadata, and more specifically looking into topics of metadata quality in digital repositories. Some publications can be found on Mendeley and his personal website, whereas some presentations of these publications in conferences, can be found onSlideshare. He has also been involved in the organization committee of the Metadata & Semantics Research Conference for the three years running (MTSR 2009, MTSR 2010, MTSR 2011).


Nikos has served as an assistant project manager in the eContentplus initiative Organic.Edunet, for 2 years and has also worked in Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, Organic.Balkanet project. He has also served as the project manager for the CIP PSP Natural Europe as well as a member of the expert team contributing to it. For a full list of the initiatives he has been a part of, see his LinkedIn profile.

In addition, Nikos has served as a local organizer in the 7th Joint European Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning (JESS 2011) that was organized in Chania, Crete, Greece, on May-June 2011. He also served as a program chair and local organizer for the POLITICS Spring School that took place in Chania, Crete, Greece, on April 2011. In October 2010, Nikos organized an e-Conference on topics related to Learning Repositories in Agriculture, Food & Environment. It was hosted on the
e-Agriculture platform and is archived here!

Related to other activities, he has served as the president of the Alumni Association for the Dept. of Management Science & Technology of Athens University of Economics & Business from 2011 to 2013. He has also served as vice-president in 2010.

Nikos is also working with Running Lean and other methodologies around customer development. He’s always in the look out for startup-related events, as well as new methodologies to explore.


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