Papers, “Mendeleys”, “Research Gates” and “Scholars”!

Paper-writing is more or less a second nature for many of us in research. My personal paper count is not at all one that you could boast about, but it’s not bad either. I am credited with 24 papers according to Mendeley, 26 according to Research Gate and 34 based on Google Scholar!

Of course within them you do have the right amount of project-dissemination-publicity related papers that say nothing at all or just prove something along the lines of “earth revolves around the sun” or sth similar! Don’t get me wrong, it’s indeed nice to Google your name and come up with some actual scientific work! And it’s even nicer when you look at Research Gate for example and see that you have 2.000 views of your profile, 438 downloads of your papers and 17 citations and so on…

One thing that bothers me though is that there’s no way to do the job just once and then update all of your profiles! I have manually inserted some of my papers although Research Gate supports searching with author name, etc. to find publications that you have not added yet but some of your co-authors did. Nevertheless, the entire process is quite tiring and annoying and to be honest I do it rarely, maybe once a year or even less frequently.

On the other hand you have Google Scholar that in some magic way tracks down everything and adds to my profile automatically, even publications and work that I did during my MSc! I honestly don’t know how they managed to find this info! And then, they accredit me with 100 citations, breaking them down per paper… For example, the same paper on Research Gate is accredited with 8 citations whereas Google Scholar generously gives 19 citations!

Overall, keeping track with your academic work seems like a challenge on itself! I was also wondering, apart from reaching some kind of interoperability of all these platforms, if there could be a way to really measure impact on the field, not counting these project-related papers that say nothing, keeping only the core things that matter for the work of each one of us…

And of course, there is one question that comes up that is: “If you write a paper and you do not record it online, is it really published?” (see here)

PS: I really do not get this RG score of research gate and I do not appreciate it as well! I have seen really impactful people in my domain, having lower scores than people that only publish project related papeps with little, if any, scientific value!


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