Is fear more powerful than hope, or is it the other way around?


Through these years of travelling, working in projects, meeting new people, I have been blessed with quite a large number of friends. Friends that I keep close to my heart even if I don’t see them that often lately. With them, we just leave things somewhere and then, every time we talk we pick up from the same spot, either we’re in the same room or on different continents.

Some of these friends have already contacted me to congratulate me for what’s going on in Greece, whereas others have contacted me to voice their concern about Europe and its future. I know what I root for in politics but still I do believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the continuum from “Greece ruined Europe once more by electing a left party” to “Yeah, we accept no debt, f&%^*# Europe and burn Euros in the streets!“.

So, to this direction I decided to share with all of my friends out there, the ONE truth I know about Greece and its political situation. My own… It’s true that us Greeks, we have tolerated more than we should have for the past few years. We have made our mistakes and some of us have embraced them and accepted them. We even worked (and still working) to make them right.

BUT we have been bullshitted and lied to, six ways to Sunday. We have been promised the end of the crisis, we have seen our sacrifices amount to nothing, we have seen others pay nothing for all of this, while we starve. We have seen ancient ruins being used as a distraction for the crisis, we have seen members of terrorist organizations or fascist parties being apprehended for the gain of some votes, despite their obvious crimes.

We were blackmailed and intimidated to vote for the previous government so that we do not leave Europe and travel back in time 40-50 years when Greece was just a developing (or worse) country. Just as if someone would come and get the internet away once we would get out of the EU! We are being called lazy, although we work more than most Europeans for less money. That’s my truth my friends.

I don’t hate Europe or the Europeans and I think that also stands for the majority of Greeks. We just need the sacrifices we have made to be recognized, in reality and not in theory. We need to feel that we can say “enough” to something, without yielding day by day the dominion over our country, our work, our time, our life…

I don’t know what the new government will be able to do. I hope it does not get even worse. I will act on changing myself and those around me, which has always been the one thing that anyone can do to make the world a better place. There’s no situation that can’t be described with an MJ song, so for this one, if you also feel that you need to change, open the URL, “volume up” and join me..

To conclude, fear is what you make of it. From my point of view, I have been and still am a bit afraid of many many things, small or bigger. In the end, it’s what I make out of this fear that defines me. When I yield to it, I am motionless and stagnant. Once I decide that fear is not me, I surpass it and I act on it. I feel that it’s the same thing with politics and our situation in Greece. Fear is always there, as dreams are too. But to dream means to hope so as dreaming, hoping for something better never stops. It can only be outweighted for a while but the imbalance is always corrected sooner or later.


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