Spotted by Locals



This is indeed one of these extra things I do on the side of everything else that’s really close to my heart. I found out about the platform when I was looking to promote our family business and I instantly loved the idea. I got in touch with Sanne and Bart and discussed the possibility of joining the crew. As it turned out I had to wait for some time before a spot opened for me as the number of the spotters per city was specific. So, around November 2013, we skyped and I started working with them, once everything was sorted out!

What do I do there? I blog about places that I love in Athens, providing tips for travellers that want to have a great time in Athens! My aim is to provide a list with all the “hidden” not so popular and touristic places that will allow the tourists to get a unique experience while in Athens! The list of the places I write about can be found here. Of course my favourite place is Kimolia…! 😉

All the money that I make through this platform (which is not a bit amount either way), I donate every year to charity. If you are also interested in doing something like this for your city, get in touch with Spotted by Locals, and arrange a talk! You can be the next spotter for your city! My count so far is 25 places and I am always in the look out for new ones!



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