My Slideshare – Didn’t see that coming…


I have been using Slideshare for quite some time now. My oldest upload is back from November 2009! I have been using it on and off for the past 5 years or so, uploading some slides here and there, checking out my stats once in a while.

Not having checked it out recently, when I saw the add for the new slideshare stats that would come out, I immediately run to write down my name and get this amazing feature. When it did come out, I was daunted from the views that my slideshares had! I did not see that coming… As it turns out, I have more than 26.000 views for 44 slideshares!

And the most amazing part is that the most popular slideshare of mine had 7.300 views at the time of writing this, whereas the second most popular had 3.400 views! And it’s actually about metadata quality… I really believed that I was doing some boring stuff sometimes, working with metadata, but as it turns out, I am not! 😉 😉 😉

Some other interesting facts include the fact that I have more views from the US (3.600) rather than from Greece (1.600) and the fact that my slideshares have been downloaded 154 times! 😉

If I had to choose my favourite slideshare though, regardless of views or anything, it would have to be the one from my PhD Thesis!


The other day I used the analytics module offered by Slideshare to look at the attention that my slides got during last year (June 2015 to May 2016). The results were breathtaking and I am really happy about them!

  • 11.111 views on my slideshares during the past year!
  • 5.131 from the U.S. and 3.055 from Greece
  • 488 views (France), 445 views (UK) and 228 (Russia) which was a nice spread!
  • My most popular slideshare? The OER Game with 3.852 views in Greek and 329 in English
  • Overall, I’ve reached 43.456 views for my slideshares in 6 years along with  209 downloads! 😉

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