Chillout Students’ Magazine

One of my greatest passions of all is writing. Writing about nothing and about everything. Having attempted already to write 2 or 3 books, having 3-4 blogs already, it’s needless to say that when the proposal came during September 2012 to start writing in a students’ magazine, I jumped to the opportunity!


Chill Out is one of the few and to my personal opinion one of the best students’ magazines in Athens maybe even Greece. It’s printed in some copies but also distributed onlne. We get every two months a list with all the proposed topics and we choose which one we would like to write about. We can also suggest one of our own if we want to. After reviewing and if selected, our articles are printed offline and online…! In general it has quite the student-y audience, which means 18 to 22 or 24. Although I am now more than 6-8 years above that, I really like to try and relate with the problems, anxieties and concerns of this age group. It keeps me refreshed and allows me to practice my writing skills, mostly in humouristic articles about life in general…

So far, I have published quite enough articles, unfortunately all in Greek, but still I will compile a list with all the articles here for your to download the entire magazine if you want.

Cheers! 😉


UPDATE: Today (15/3/2016) I submitted my last article for Chillout Students’ Magazine! It has been an amazing experience for over three years, since September 2012. I managed to get 16 articles published (including the last one), in the 19 issues that were circulated since! Thanks Chillout!


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