Lean AKademy – Episode IV

Today, the Lean AKademy teams met for the fourth time since March 26th when the first iteration of the Lean AKademy started! In this workshop, our theoretical part covered a discussion on cost structure and revenue streams. In this workshop we talked about money for all the ideas that we are working on! We analyzed the potential categories of costs involved by delving down into development costs, personnel costs, etc. separating them into fixed and variable costs. Once the teams identified some of these costs in their cases, we discussed about revenue streams.

More specifically, we discussed on the overall strategy that our teams may choose in order to reach their different customer segments. On these strategies, we discussed a bit on the different approaches available to our teams, such as “asset sale”, “usage fee”, “subscription fee”, “licencing”, “renting”, “intermediation fee” or “advertising”. On the pricing models that are available to our teams for each different strategy, we referred to the two major categories of fixed and dynamic pricing and analyzed some cases related to them, so that our teams can further refine their lean canvases.


Once we completed the theoretical part of the workshop, we returned to our interviews. We resolved some questions of the participants and continued with discussing some preliminary input from our different interviewees and the first minor changes that this input has brought upon our lean canvases. Following this discussion we identified the problem of limited access to the interviewees and we used the remaining of our time to brainstorm on potential interviewees for each team, that were documented on a piece of paper, providing contacts for the critical mass of the interviews to be carried out.

Due to the Easter Bunny (!) effect, we will not be having our workshop on the 22nd of April, so we re-newed our date for April 29th! Till then, stay tuned for more “lean” news from our internal Agro-Know academy!

(originally posted in the Agro-Know blog, here: http://blog.agro-know.com/?p=891)


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