Lean AKademy – Episode II

Yesterday, the second part of the Lean AKademy took place in AK, with the same excitement (if not more), as the first one! Continuing on the idea of letting you all in on the secrets of lean, we will try to recap what was carried out in a few sentences for all of you to follow! If you would like to follow this process from the beginning, please take a look at the previous post as well, detailing our first meeting, here.

For this second meeting, our teams had already spent some time reflecting on their lean canvases and refining their initial assumptions in the nine different boxes of the canvas. Although all boxes of the lean canvas are equally important, for this second week the discussions revolved mainly around the problemscustomer segments and solutions.

We started the day discussing a bit on the approach, delving into the three stages of a startup, namely problem/solution fit, problem/market fit Scale. To continue, we discussed about the principles of every experiment, introducing the need for continuous experimentation throughout any startup. We also discussed the Product Risks, Market Risks and Customer Risks of the lean canvas and identified the ones that we would tackle first.

As our first experiment, we described the interviews that will be carried out with experts on our respective problem areas, focusing on their scope, aims and principles as well as providing some practical tips. The participants were provided with examples from previous applications of the lean approach and the respective material that will be used to build their own interview scripts, forms and reporting templates.

Having given all these tools, we concluded the day coming back to their own lean canvases and identifying the problematic areas so far. We delved into the areas that were not completed as fully as we would like and we provided examples and clarifications for each one of them, asking the participants to complete them in full as part of their assignments for the next time! Stay tuned next week as we do into depth with the first interviews of our teams!


(originally posted in the Agro-Know blog, here: http://blog.agro-know.com/?p=774)


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