Rewind to 2011: WS on Collaborative Learning and Sharing about Politics


And the full title… : Workshop on Collaborative Learning and Sharing about Politics: Digital Storytelling and Web2.0 Tools to Enrich EU Citizenship and Activate Engagement and Dialogue

Back to 2011, with another memorable school for me! This was the second time that I met with an amazing and truly inspiring colleague, Ms Megan Simmons. We met some months ago, in the Big Ideas Fest 2010, in San Fransisco California (photos). Given the opportunity of the organization of our school, Megan was invited to apply the ISKME design thinking approach, called “Action Collab” to our workshop. Having experienced first-hand their amazing concept, I offered to help as an “assistant-facilitator” with the little knowledge I had on the topic.

We spend almost a week of an amazing school with lots of improvisation, discussions, brainstorming and fun, to get down to some amazing solutions that would help citizens express their opinion about political topics, enhancing participation and dialogue. For the full account of what happened in this school, please visit the Agro-Know wiki page dedicated to it, here.

For me, this was the opportunity to see how design thinking really works in practice, although in a context that I was not that familiar with (meaning the participation of citizens in politics). This was my second contact with the approach and it was that satisfying that I ended up being actively involved in all AK-related events for the next 3 years, involving design thinking techniques. Usually with the kind guidance of people that were certified trainers and more experienced than myself, but also as a lead facilitator after I received my training in Green Ideas 2012 in Italy!

PS: This was a truly amazing event but also hosted in one of my favorite cities in Greece, Chania, that still feels like home after a number of events that we organized there.


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