The end of an era!

Well, nothing stays the same, that’s a given! We all evolve, we progress and we move, either forward or backwards (that’s true also!). But either for better or for worse, one thing is certain, that everybody is changing!

In the same sense, time has come for me to move forward. Completing a life-long professional relationship of 9,5 years with Nikos Manouselis and the wider team, in three different institutions, the Agricultural University of Athens (2005-2007), the Greek Research & Technology Network (2008-2010) and Agro-Know (2011-2014).

The title? Borrowed from my favourite TV show of all time, “Friends”. What? You don’t remember? Although my favourite character was Ross, there you go, “I mean, it’s the end of an era“…  The reason? Nothing more than this feeling of “completion” that has come slowly and gradually through my work with my esteemed colleagues.

Through these years I have worked in research, earning “my stripes” there, I have taken it up a notch going into an MSc and PhD after that. I have assisted in EU-funded Project management and moved up to managing a multi million project. I have organized events, facilitated them, managed them and so on. I have worked with creative thinking, design thinking and brainstorming in general, and lately I worked (and I still do) with customer development techniques such as the lean approach. I am still studying all the must-read literature on the domain and it’s really fun and useful!

So, having done all of this and many many more, it’s time to see what I can really create for myself using all the tools I have been patiently collecting all these years since 2005. I cannot pin point it exactly, not just yet, but I do feel that the change is here and it’s time to grasp the opportunity. I feel like sitting on the edge of a cliff, wind blowing in my face, looking down at an endless sea of possibilities. I have my parachute on, my hiking shoes, my sunglasses and my swiss-army knife. I am just taking my time before this next “dive” into the unknown!


Is there anything that can be more “liberating” that this?


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