AXON Private Schools


Finishing my studies in the Athens University of Economics & Business, I looked for a temporary job that would allow me to continue my studies but also to gain working experience that would be relevant for the continuation of my professional career.

To this end, I started teaching English for both children and adults in the AXON branch of Gyzi, taking advantage of my licence to teach English, which I was granted after completing Cambridge Proficiency (A) and the Michigan Proficiency (Honors). Soon enough, I realized that I did not like teaching English as much as practicing it..!

To this end, I shifted to teaching the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), both for children and adults again. Taking advantage of my spare time, I also applied for the same position in the AXON branch of Pagrati, where I started working on September 2005 as the primary ECDL teacher and exams’ responsible.

During this time (March 2005 until May 2007), I had the priviledge of teaching more than 150 students (ages 5 to 50 years old) on the basic and advanced functionalities of the Microsoft Office components (Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Access). My students, when getting examined for aquiring the diploma, had a percentage of success of over 90%.

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