Agro-Know Technologies

AKOn January 2011, I decided to make the next move in my career and therefore joined Agro-Know Technologies, a fast growing company specializing in knowledge management practices and services, promoting research and innovation in agricultural domain.

Among other reasons, I joined Agro-Know to move into a dynamically changing environment that would give me the opportunity to practice all the skills I earned in GRNET. My aim was to test myself, outside the comfort-zone of a bigger company, get exposed to even more experiences and develop new opportunities in an exciting new context.

I started out in Agro-Know, doing the same things I did in GRNET, also assuming new responsibilities in terms of developing the newer members of the AK team. I acted as a Project Manager from January 2011 till February 2012, managing some of the same EU-Projects (mainly Natural Europe) that started in my time in GRNET, as an external consultant. Some of my responsibilities during this period were:

  • Managing EU-Projects as a Project Manager;
  • Writing deliverables on Project Management, Dissemination, Metadata Design;
  • Organizing and hosting project related events;
  • Co-organizing Green Ideas events (2011; 2012; 2013), Hackathon events (1; 2);
  • Co-organizing Workshops & Schools (1; 2; 3; 4; 5);
  • Managing & developing a team of 2-3 people within the projects I managed;
  • Writing/contributing in EU proposals to attract funding for the group

On February 2012, mainly because of my PhD studies (see related post), I switched to a part-time employment with AK, keeping some of the responsibilities that I had, switching from a Project Manager to an Event Manager. Given that my limited time could not support the full-time project management requirements, I set out to exploit and develop new formats for the events that AK organized. I worked with brainstorming techniques and design thinking to co-develop event formats like Green Ideas and Athens Green Hackathon.

Finishing my PhD, I continued working as a part-timer in Agro-Know Technologies (till October 2014), developing the event formats even more but also experimenting with the Lean Startup approach for Product Development, tapping into my experience from my BSc in the Athens University of Economics & Business. After that, I decided to make the next move in my career, joining the Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” (CTI) working as a Metadata Expert in the large-scale National e-Learning project, called Photodentro.

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