Athens University of Economics & Business – DMST

In 2000, I finished high school (2nd General Lyceum of Tavros, Athens) with an average of 18.5 out of 20, which got me in the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) and more specifically, in the Department of Management Science & Technology (DMST) where I stayed for 4 years until I completed my studies with an average of 6.99 out of 10, majoring in Information Systems for Management.

Given the fact that my original ambition was to study Information Science and Computer Engineering, you can imagine that my favourite courses were the ones that were closer to that, avoiding courses like accounting or math and statistics.


Before finishing my studies, I carried out an apprenticeship (1/10/2003 – 1/1/2004) with M-Data, a software company, based at the time, at Argyroupoli. During this time I was able to work on the development of mobile apps, under the guidance and supervision of Ms. Eleni Rachaniotou. M-Data, after finishing the apprenticeship and before graduating, offered me a full-time job that I accepted, working from January 2004 till May 2004, stopping to concentrate on the final exams for my degree!

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