I love computers and gadgets… I go “bananas” for Marvel and DC movies, I love playing basketball and I’m really into cycling. I write a lot about lots of things and I publish half of the stuff I write. In this blog, I write about entrepreneurship and I upload all my work milestones as well as related events. I have also uploaded my academic background and some of my travelling adventures. Last but not least, I blog about my opinion on various topics, I obsess about metadata and I also write movie reviews that are hosted on IMDB.

If you need to reach me or just connect, you can either e-mail me, find me on LinkedIn, on ResearchGate, on Academia, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook and on Flickr  take your pick!

PS: My latest passion is called Spotted by Locals and my personal recommendations for the Athens area can be found here!


Me in Kimolia
Taken from: http://www.athensvoice.gr